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World Mediation Organization Training

World Mediation Organization

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Mediation Training

We provide mediation and training and present workshops, lecturers and Continuing Education opportunities for businesses, institutions and organizations so that you can keep that knowledge in-house and resolve conflicts as they arise.

Mediation Fellows Program

The program gives a mediator an opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills to the highest competent level. The fellows program develops a group of very highly skilled and trained mediators in the ADR profession to be able to mediate all types of mediation cases and especially cases that are high complex, multi-party, and cases that require an understanding of legal analysis and the use of case law. It is our premise that mediation is a legal forum without the practice of law. The intent of the fellows program is assist mediators in being able to mediate in any ADR setting, the courts, on mediation panels, in companies with organization conflict, to resolve any type of community, commercial/civil, work, family, public or legal dispute. The fellows program consists both of actual practical experience and theoretical work experiences, mediation case analysis, reading, completion of a written article for a mediation blog, completion of a minimum of 160 hours of supervised mediation related experience.

Mediation Fellows Program - $250 Administration Fee

New Certification by Written Examination (IMI):

  • Mediation Certification by Examination $200.00 w/IMI Certification
  • International Mediation Certification - $350.00

New Courses:

  • Conflict Resolution College Course 3 credit hours - $600.00
  • Conflict Resolution for School Teachers/Principals 40 credit hours - $695.00

Available Courses:

  • Basic Mediation 40 hours with 3 hours of ethics - $795.00
  • Advanced Family Mediation 30 credit hours with 2 hours of ethics - $515.00
  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution 40 hours and 1 hour of ethics - $695.00
  • Workplace conflict 24 credit hours and 1 hour of ethics - $495.00
  • Advanced Mediation 40 credit hours - $695.00
  • Transformative Mediation 40 credit hours and 1 hour of ethics - $695.00
  • Marital Mediation 12 credit hours - $199.00
  • Foreclosure Mediation 8 credit hours - $199.00
  • Master Mediator 5 credit hours - $275.00

* Course offering, training and CLE/CEU schedules will be posted periodically. Also you may inquire about availability via telephone or Contact Us.

Additionally, we provide mentoring/training opportunities to assist you in furthering our mediation skills. The goals are including but not limited to the following:

  • sharpen mediation skills
  • create inclusive work environments
  • leverage work relationships
  • better your work environment
  • increase overall performance in mediation field
  • interface with other mediation organizations and gain affiliations
  • Implement practicums
  • peer-mediation

Please contact us for more information about our mentoring opportunities.

"Mediation Worlds mediators strive to meet the needs of its clients providing instruction useful at the worksite, in the office, classroom or boardroom. I would highly recommend their services to friends and rate the quality of their services as top-notched."

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