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Frequently Asked Questions


Mediation Worlds, PLLC is comprised of mediators, negotiators, attorneys, facilitators and ombudsmen who work to provide Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) services, legal information and access to expert opinions. We provide efficient, economical and expeditious professional services and employ prudent business practices. We are not a law firm and do not practice of law, however, maintain neutrality and independently engage with licensed attorneys and representatives in Texas and beyond with expertise in a myriad of practice areas to achieve settlement. Mediation Worlds' professionals staff operates in accordance with Texas ADR Statute 154 and in tandem with its professional partners who rely on their sources and and many and varied resources to meet your needs. We strive to keep you out of court, avoid conflict and promote civil discourse toward confidential business solutions and resolutions-Your Business is Your Business!

  1. How much will mediation costs?
  2. We offer reasonable rates and recommend either half-day or full-day sessions to maximize the benefit of your decision to choose mediation. Unlike litigation, which can be extremely costly and is affected by a number of other factors beyond you and your lawyer's control, we strive to control costs while empowering you to resolve your dispute. In some instances, we can fast-track your dispute, facilitating shorter sessions and crafting on-the-spot agreements. Our goal is to avoid protracted litigation and help you move forward.

  3. Is filing a suit the best way to force an opposing party to seriously consider my side of the dispute?
  4. Filing suit should not be used as a threat. Win-win results are the key to a satisfying mediation experience. Alternative Dispute Resolution through mediation gives parties the opportunity to be heard, engage in self-analysis of issues, resolve disputes quickly and control potential mounting court-related costs.

  5. Do I need to hire an outside lawyer to handle other complex mediation issues and Paperwork?
  6. As general practitioners with exposure in different disciplines we can help you confront issues in various legal arenas. We serve as a resource for certain documents and procedures necessary to complete the legal process and can refer you to other experts in the supporting fields, such as finance, etc. Mediation Worlds aims to streamline expenditures associated with filing suits.

  7. What is co-mediation and why does Mediation Worlds Recommend and give you the option to choose this method?
  8. Co-mediation is advantageous to most parties as it provides more balance mediation environment and overall approach to the process. We offer mediators of differing genders and educational backgrounds, legal and mental health, who are trained to facilitate mediation procedures. Co-mediators promote neutrality and offer well-rounded knowledge. We strive to understand all parties' varying concerns and reach workable agreements. Your fee remains the same, however, you have the advantage of two mediators helping you to resolve your dispute.

  9. Can I preserve privacy and still use the mediation process?
  10. Pre-mediation consultations are available at a reduced cost.

  11. Who is involved in a mediation and who pays?
  12. All opposing parties (i.e. individuals, small, medium and large business), are involved in mediation along with their attorneys; the latter only if they are retained by the parties, but are not necessary. The costs are usually split by the parties or borne by whoever agrees to pay. If outside attorneys are involved, they are responsible for paying the fees on behalf of their clients and any reimbursements are handled between attorney and client.

  13. Can you save money using mediation?
  14. Yes indeed, mediation costs are about 50% less than litigation costs and expenses; approximately 80% of mediated cases settle. You can save money, time, energy and effort using mediation.

  15. Interested in knowing more about Facilitative, Evaluative and Transformative mediation?
  16. Please check out our Mediation Training page and sign up for a course.

  17. Why should I try Mediation Worlds' Mediators?
  18. Mediation Worlds mediators are experienced, certified and licensed. Why settle for less when you can get the best? We care about the people, problems and the process.

  19. What if my question was not answered here?
  20. Contact us for answers to any questions that do not appear here.

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