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Marital Mediation

Marital Mediation is a mediation method to help couples stay married. It is a no fault process using the transformative mediation model. This mediation method's aim is to encourage empowerment and mutual recognition of the parties involved. Couples are shown how to engage via the mediation process seeking solutions to eliminate marital conflict. It is not marital counseling, marital therapy or even divorce mediation, although often confused with these individual disciplines. Marital Mediation is an interdisciplinary process of mediation providing practical dispute resolution techniques to manage marital issues.

Marital concerns can be addressed by doing the following:

  • Identifying marital issues
  • providing proactive methods and resources to avoid marital discourse and confront marital concerns
  • brainstorming helpful ways to eliminate marital strife
  • negotiating terms to avoid the breakdown of marriage
  • drafting agreements, postnuptial or otherwise that pass muster in some states and/or are aimed at providing guidance to prevent divorce and promote reconciliation

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