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Productive Resolutions and Solutions are the foundation of our practice, but mean nothing without our commitment to Customer Service, Professionalism and Civility.

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World Mediation Organization

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Mediation Worlds, PLLC is comprised of arbitrators, mediators, negotiators, attorneys, facilitators and ombudsmen who work to provide Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) services, legal information and access to expert opinions. We provide efficient, economical and expeditious professional services and employ prudent business practices. We are not a law firm and do not practice of law, however, maintain neutrality and independently engage with licensed attorneys and representatives in Texas and beyond with expertise in a myriad of practice areas to achieve settlement. Mediation Worlds' professionals staff operates in accordance with Texas ADR Statute 154 and in tandem with its professional partners who rely on their sources and and many and varied resources to meet your needs. We strive to keep you out of court, avoid conflict and promote civil discourse toward confidential business solutions and resolutions-Your Business is Your Business!
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