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Business/Foreclosure Mediation

Are you aware of the fact that conflicts kill more businesses than competition or the economy?
When business partners and owners are at odds and unable to find common ground on their own, mediators help them with their negotiation. Mediation is a safe and effective tool to get partners back on track.

We’ll help you to identify the issues at stake and to work through different approaches and avenues for structuring an agreement that is acceptable to all involved parties and is workable given the business' present and future goals.

We can help your business work through disputes concerning:

  • Breach of contract/Warranties/Bad faith/insurance coverage and/or defense-related disputes
  • Partnership dissolution/Franchisor/Franchisee disputes/Bankruptcy claims
  • Intellectual property/ Trademark Infringement/Cyberspace claims
  • Anti-trust/Price fixing/Unfair business practices/Securities claims
  • Real estate/Landlord tenant disputes/Oil and gas disputes
  • Construction claims
  • Personal injury and Product and Professional Liability claims
  • District wide school-related disputes, including peer mediation disputes and special needs mediations

In some cases, seeking your "day in court" may not be the most prudent decision.  Mediation can afford parties a higher level of privacy through confidential discussions and settlements.  For many, it is important that business matters do not impact personal matters and vice versa.  Mediation may better afford the necessary privacy protections parties need. Try Mediation Worlds, PLLC.
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