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What is mediation?

Mediation is a process that aims for a win-win situation benefiting all involved parties. It is an alternative dispute resolution method in which the parties are assisted by a neutral/mediator. The mediator facilitates structured, confidential communications and negotiations to reach voluntary, mutually acceptable outcomes. Using mediation tools, mediators strive to empower all parties to settle their differences. And mediation seeks to avoid lengthy and costly litigation while respecting the legal system and providing options to resolve conflict. Compared to the traditional legal approach, mediation is efficient and less stressful. No dispute is too simple or complex to be mediated. We have handled matters from hundreds of dollars to exceeding a billion dollars. Mediation Worlds, PLCC specializes in evaluative, facilitative and transformative mediation and offers experienced, professional mediators; our end goal is to help you rebuild trust and preserve amicable personal and business relationships.

Here is a a comprehensive list of common mediation specialties: workplace mediation, commercial mediation, divorce mediation, employment mediation, construction mediatio

Research shows that 80% of mediation cases are settled.

We handle local, regional and national cases and those requiring Spanish translation.
Nosotros tratamos casos Locales, Regional, y National y tradusemos casos en Espanol.

Emphasizing productive resolutions and solutions!!

We offer business and family mediation and counseling in the following areas:

  • Construction: Residential/Commercial
  • Employment/Transformative
  • Family/Divorce
  • Civil/Probate
  • Mortgage Banking

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World Mediation Organization Training Information

World Mediation Organization

Mediation Worlds Frequently Asked Questions

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Establish a mutual "win-win" agreement instead of going to court!

  • Reach an agreement satisfactory to all parties
  • Less costly and less stressful
  • Resolve disputes quicker
  • Reduce the risk of future litigation
  • Preserve your business or family relationships

"I was extremely pleased with the mediation instruction provided by Mediation World mediator (s). Their command of the mediation course material and process knowledge exceeded my expectations. The instructors promoted participation fostering practical application of mediation skills. The mediators competently guided clients through the process toward settlement."
Dennis V. Thompson, President, TrialLab Litigation Consultants

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